Friday, March 20, 2009

Breaking News: NLD members demonstrating for unfairness in Rangoon Division


NLD members from Twante Township in Rangoon Division staged the demonstration for unfairness by the local authorities for tripartite post Nargis cyclone humanitarian program. Sources said Nargis distribution program was corrupted and unfairness for the voiceless people in Cyclone hit area.

Post Nargis effected area

Dozens of NLD members and locals took place and disclosed the unfairness of the program. The local authorities failed to provide the needy but to deliver the goods to the families of the local government authority.

Local NLD members normally demand the locally mismanagement and other corruption cases. Ma Su Su Nway, a NLD Youth member turned international figure labor activist who had defended the grassroots who were forced to work for the government programs without any paid. She is now in jail for last year Saffron Revolution.

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