Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zoya Phan's autobiography available now

Dear friend

I am delighted to be able to let you know that my autobiography, Little Daughter - A Memoir of survival in Burma and the West, has just been published in the UK.

It is dedicated to my parents, and I hope it will help raise awareness about the situation in Burma.

I am also very pleased to tell you that the Phan Foundation website is now online.

And, if you buy my book via this link on our website: the Phan Foundation will receive 5 percent of the sale price.

If you live outside the UK please see the note at the end of this email for details on where the book is being published worldwide.

Thanks again for supporting the Phan Foundation.


ABOUT THE BOOK: Zoya Phan was born in the remote jungles of Burma, to the Karen ethnic group. For decades the Karen have been under attack from Burma's military junta; Zoya's mother was a guerrilla soldier, her father a freedom activist. She lived in a bamboo hut on stilts by the Moei River; she hunted for edible fungi with her much-loved adopted brother, Say Say. Many Karen are Christian or Buddhist, but Zoya's parents were animist, venerating the spirits of forest, river and moon. Her early years were blissfully removed from the war. At the age of fourteen, however, Zoya's childhood was shattered as the Burmese army attacked. With their house in flames, Zoya and her family fled. So began two terrible years of running from guns, as Zoya joined thousands of refugees hiding in the jungle. Her family scattered, Zoya sought sanctuary across the border in a Thai refugee camp. Conditions in the camp were difficult, and Zoya now had to care for her ailing mother. Zoya, a gifted pupil, was eventually able to escape, first to Bangkok and then, with her enemies still pursuing her, in 2004 she fled to the UK and claimed asylum. The following year, at a 'free Burma' march, she was plucked from the crowd to appear on the BBC, the first of countless interviews with the world's media. She became the face of a nation enslaved, rubbing shoulders with presidents and film stars. By turns uplifting, tragic and entirely gripping, this is the extraordinary true story of the girl from the jungle who became an icon of a suffering land.

WORLDWIDE SALES: Little Daughter is published this month in Asia (English language bookshops), and in Australia and New Zealand. The book will be published in Canada in June, and the USA summer 2010. (In the USA the book will be called Undaunted) In Germany, German language editions will be published later this year. In Netherlands, a Dutch edition will be published later this year. To get the latest news about the book, including global release dates, become a “Fan” of the book on Facebook here:

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