Monday, April 27, 2009

NLD nationwide members have gathered


Sources close to NLD said that NLD leaders from states and divisions gathered in Rangoon today. More than three hundred leaders divided into two groups to hold the preparatory meetings eve of two days long Nationwide Conference after 1997 NLD's nationwide meeting.

Elect NLD MPs gathered to prepare for key agendas of the NLD Conference tomorrow and other State and Division level organizing members, youth and women also held the workshop separately. Except from the delegation members from Karenni State, rest of the NLD leaders from all over Burma were seen today, sources said.

There has no major harassment from military regime so far, said the delegation member. However, many NLD core youth and activists were attacked last few weeks. "Local authorities wanted to see more positive political development and some kind of political changes from the NLD Nationwide Conference in their mind, regardless of regime's hard-line approaches," said the delegation member.

"People from both sides seemed to be tired of having more conformation at this moment." Sources said.

Photo: Mizzima News

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